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Order a custom framed print of any image you choose from your personal device. Edit the photo with text and graphics to create something trendy, edgy, or sophisticated through our impressive online design tools.

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Introducing our Framed Prints. These elegant and handsome frames have genuine wood styling. However, they are constructed of an eco-friendly recycled polystyrene material. More lightweight than real wood frames and are much more durable in all climates.

Substrate: 3/16” Lam

4 frame styles: Brown, Bronze, Black, Silver, and Natural Wood. Material: Recycled Eco-Friendly Polystyrene, 3/16” foam core backing, Print material is Adhesive Vinyl + Matte Lamination for protection, Hanging hardware included

Full Color – One Side

Turnaround: 3 – 5 days, Note: Framed Prints require 1” safety margin from each side. Please keep all critical elements (text, images, graphic elements, logos, etc…) 1” away from edges, Please put in Special Instructions which color you would like. This will be right under Coupon Code before checking out.